Vladimir Szabó, 1933 
 Forsaken Landscape - Private collection 
Victor Vasnetsov, 1876, At  a Bookseller's
 The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia 
Mihály Szemlér, 1868
 Judith - Private collection 
Kárly Sterio, 1856 - Going off to Hunting
 Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest 
Hugó Scheiber, 1920-23
In the Park - Private Collection 
Armand Schönberger, 1925 
 Quay of the Danube - Private Collection 
Fundo musical:
Las Bodas de Figaro - Overture
             Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, * 1756  +1791

Produçăo e Formataçăo:
Mario Capelluto e Ida Aranha